ARMLinux @ Simtec

Welcome to ARMLinux @ Simtec

Welcome to the ARM Linux at Simtec site. This site is devoted to everything relevant to the ARM Linux community that Simtec can provide. Simtec have been involved in the open source community since our very first development board, the cats, was designed in 1996. We sponsored the original port of the NetBSD kernel to this board which was completed in 1997. A short time later we realised we could make a useful contribution to the ARM Linux community and have been steadily increasing our involvement ever since.

This website includes one of our most recent contributions, the kautobuild system. This system attempts to build all the default configurations present in the kernel source. The system rebuilds the 2.6 series kernel every time the finger banner updates and a new source set is available. This means in practice once or twice a day as the -git snapshots are built.